Bass Sage: Eloy Palacios

Eloy Palacios picked up the bass at age thirteen, and hasn’t put it down for almost twenty years. Studying the fundamentals early on with progressive metal guru Ron Jarzombek (from the bands Watchtower, Spastic Ink, and Blotted Science), he soon developed a taste for genres and styles outside of rock and metal.

Following his ears, Eloy began to study privately with a bass instructor from the local university, where he was exposed to jazz harmony, improvisation, and advanced bass techniques such as chords, slapping, tapping, and the extended range of six-string bass. Eloy began to play along to anything and everything – metal, pop, country, R&B – even Texas blues & Tejano music (two favorite styles in South Texas, his stomping grounds).

After graduating high school, Eloy auditioned for and received a Berklee College of Music World Tour Scholarship for Electric Bass, and began attending the famous music school in Boston. Studying at Berklee, his musical knowledge and interests increased exponentially. Everything from jazz, pop, hip-hop, metal, and even avant-garde classical music was added to Eloy’s palette. He spent countless hours recording, performing, and composing - finally earning a dual degree in Film Scoring and Classical Composition.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, California, Eloy continues to stay true to his musical roots, playing bass for the metal bands Schwarzenator, and An Endless Sporadic, as well as for Americana artist Bryan Titus. He is an endorsed artist with Carvin Basses, and with hopes to share his experience and knowledge with students from around the world.

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